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I am a children's author of nine fiction books. My passion is to write stories that entertain, educate and inspire young ones so they can escape the seriousness of life and enter a world of magic.


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An Undersea Adventure filled with Magic, Friendship, and Bravery!
Chapter Book: Ages 7 - 10
Release Date:
12th June 2024

When Hannah is sucked into a vicious whirlpool in her effort to rescue kitten Leo, she finds herself entering Neptune’s Undersea Kingdom where she reawakens terrifying sea monsters from the depths of the sea.

The trouble is… Hannah is unable to return home until she’s overcome her fear of the water, defeated the sea monsters, and solved the code that she broke upon entering Neptune’s Kingdom.

With the help of her new friend, Marcie the Mermaid, will Hannah succeed?

ellie-may & her toy dragon, ben
Picture Book: Ages 3 - 5
Lottie, the ladybird's adventure

Chapter Book: Ages 7 - 9

where is lamby?

Picture Book: Ages 3 - 5 

the wish fairy of stoney middleton

Short Story: Ages 7 - 9

the school dance show

Short Story: Ages 7 - 9

bella & the tooth fairy

Picture Book: Ages 5 - 8

Picture Book: Ages 2 - 5

Picture Book: Ages 2 - 5

Picture Book: Ages 5 - 8